Layout what you can do for, what she can expect from you, and what you expect from her. Kasan likes this 04 September 2016 - 10:03 AM That s a certain type of relationship, the silly type, in my mind.   That way, even if you lost your job, or went into retirement, then she shouldn t see much change. I enjoy our time together and have fallen for you.   Edited by timanglove67, 04 September 2016 - 11:50 AM.   To me, the secret is to not be more up for her than you will be able to sustain for a lifetime.     LDR do not usually work and most guys abroad do not truly know the girls they or supporting or what they or whom they do behind their back. It did take several years, including an almost complete break up, three years in. Don t kid yourself your both two peas in a pod    Edited by duckoff, 04 September 2016 - 12:41 PM. We went on many trips during that time and even though we had a great time together and I know that she really does love me I still always knew in the back of my mind that it would not be a happy ever after story. I had that conversation with the lady who is now my wife datingsite almost. If you feel the same way about me maybe we could give it a try. So basically your now going to live the same life as a bargirl now by mongering  because your paying you think your different from them , your not looking for a wife I assume now , Id be careful not to fall in love again with one if your sticking to that lifestyle , It could very well happen being in that environment  Yes a bargirl can make a good wife so can a monger be a good husband , it all depends if both are willing to change their life style , And completely get out of that environment.  I hope many realize that if they really love you, they could care less what you send. Once the flow of money stops, so does the love and any loyalty she may have felt towards you. It will take a long time to get my divorce finished. don-lee likes this.  For many years i have saved girls like this 1004161030PLabella23 (this one could be fictional though and serve as one example). Spent a few days together and I guess you could say I started falling for her.

000 allotment to build our dream house, a car, motor bike, paid her rent and daughters private school for 5 years, supported her business from the verge of bankruptcy to being a success, paid 50% of a new Innova van for her business, many overseas trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, many of the trips with various family members tagging along on the expense account.. For one thing ‘sponsoring’ a girl with money just doesn’t feel right to me datingsite almost.  Normaly i dont do what i did but this one ticked my curiosity from many reasons(like i got a feeling shes been around playing for a while hehe)so i just checked her phone.  In fact, look what they do for the local guys they love, they give them money, not the other way around. The man was curious as to what name the girl had saved his phone number as, thinking it may be something like Daddy, Lover, Sweetheart etc. In the meantime I sent her money so she didn’t have to work at the bar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalkp Edited by North Briton, 04 September 2016 - 01:52 PM.  Unskilled workers are lucky to make 8 to 10 or so.   Also, good point about not throwing money at them to make them leave the bar. I’m quite a sociable guy and have always had a good time on my visits doing the usual things – partying, visiting various regions/islands and of course a few girls here and there. But we didn t give up, and we got there.  Even educated workers will start out out around 12 to 18 thousand a month. Its up to you but I could afford 6 or 8K a month and you could get job also.   Not only bargirls, I had a 5 year relationship with a successful Angeles business woman, spent literally millions of pesos, bought a 1. Liteman likes this 04 September 2016 - 12:00 PM Of course never had the inclination to but I wonder if guys who decide to hope for a long term relationship with a bargirl ever have this conversation with her. 04 September 2016 - 07:55 AM Over and over again we read in these kind of threads ; met a prostitute(aka bargirl), she quit the job, we dont live together but i visit frequently, i rain money over her as she is so lovable etc etc. Paying her to not have sex, and to not do the high paying job that she is suited for and likes. Yeah i know: she told me she just started working and her friend/mama confirmed this (no more comment needed).

But there was a bit more to it. What is a riddle to me until this day is what AK Stud 1 , AK Stud 2 , AK stud 3  up to nr 6 means?? I mean what is AK refering to:-) More easier to understand was AndyHavana3000 , ArnoldHavana5000 , AshtonIcon4000 , ATM6000theDon , ATM12000george.     What I will say, is that in every society almost ALL women marry up. For a while there I was sending 20-30K/month which is more than sufficient to live on but obviously a lot less than she was used to. 000. You will only be able to come here if I can marry you. It s incredible how quickly a pinoy forgets the nice things you do once those nice things stop. You would have the assurance that you are the only one for me and I could send you some money. I would like to focus only on our relationship and don t need any other girl. Of course because of how I feel I don t want you having sex with other guys. Then live with her in PI, or do the visa thing and take her home.    I have given my opinions of the folly of long distance relationships.   They still have family, and need money.    Correct me if I am wrong, but in your situation, it sounds like it was a long distance relationship, and you didn t live together. Find, Fuck, Forget, Rinse and Repeat is the way to go. Those type of relationships probably work out better than the, pay her not to work where the two of you met, kind. I went on to say, As you know, I am still married, although my wife walked out, and I have kids to care for. I thought this was an established truth by now that if u dont live together, and by living together i mean 24/7, u have no idea what your socalled GF is doing when u are away? You can allways find comfort in putting out a lot of trust in her and maybe she isnt even working as prostitute anymore. It’s fair enough really, can’t begrudge someone from the slums for wanting to have a nice lifestyle and in her defence she did get a customer service job but the salary was so low I felt sorry for her (around 2K/week).


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